What we Have in Christ... Ephesians Chapter 1

n Christ... Have you ever considered the real meaning of being in Christ? The first chapter of Paul's letter to the Ephesians encourages us to understand the riches we have been given if we belong to the Son of God. Read it and count the number of times you find the words in Christ and similar; you will be utterly amazed. My Bible is highlighted and marked on almost every page from years of study, but despite my other markings in this particular chapter, the red highlights of in Him etc. still stick out like a beacon of light. Some people think that writing in a Bible is akin to desecrating it, but I don't believe that. God wants us to know His Word, understand it, remember it, use it and work with it. And being a visual person, I can't do that unless I mark it and write notes in it of things that I found and want to remember (unfortunately, I don't have the memory of an elephant). No matter how you may treat your Bible, I would encourage you to take note of the many inferences of in Christ in Ephesians 1, and to maybe write out a list of benefits that flow to us because of Him who died for us. It's amazing - this portion of Scripture reveals the great treasures imparted to those who have been born of God and positionally placed in Christ. If you develop an appetite for looking at Scripture a little more closely and gleaning the wonderful riches it contains, then join us at our study blog http://womenforgod.blogspot.com - you are always welcome.
With my love in Christ, Marg


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