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What do people see when they look at me? Whom do I reflect?
Do we draw people to ourselves or do we draw them to God?

Dr Harry Ironside used to tell a story about a man who lived in a small country town in England. One day, he went to London where he would need to stay for several days. He was glad to be there on a Sunday because that gave him opportunity to hear some of the great preachers of that day. He wrote home to his wife, and he said: “Last Sunday morning I went to hear Dr Jones, and in the evening I went to the Metropolitan Tabernacle to hear Charles Spurgeon. I was so greatly impressed by both of them. Dr Jones is certainly a great preacher, but Mr Spurgeon has a great Savior.”

That was an astute observation and led me to thinking… Who are people impressed with when they have been with me? Are they impressed with me, or are they impressed with my Jesus? How authentic is my life? How much impact for God does it have on the world around me? These are sobering questions because, like the apostle Paul, I want to live for advancing the Lord Jesus Christ and His cross, not myself. I hope that goes for you as well... 


Meredith Ivy said…
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement about my upcoming visit. It is so comforting to know that people are praying all over the world! I truly have a "peace that transcends all understanding" and I can only attribute that to the Lord answering the prayers of those who are lifting my situation up to Him!

I look forward to reading your first post at the Women for God blog soon. :)

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