Have you spoken to someone about the Lord lately?

Hi there, I was just thinking about the importance of witnessing to those who (as yet) don't know our wonderful Saviour. When I was a new Christian, I went for it sledgehammer and all. I read about Charles Spurgeon who is supposed to have said, "Down the road, there's a fine old preacher. He is so sensitive that he tickles his people with a feather. But as for me, the Lord has given me the hammer." I preferred the hammer (and loved Charles Spurgeon - his 'Soul Saving Sermons' are truly brilliant), but soon I realised that the hammer didn't work so well for me. Instead, I learnt how to give the gospel in a softer way by sharing my testimony in a conversational manner without preaching.

A few of us started a group and worked through a New Tribes course of how to give one's testimony with a purpose. We even put down on paper what we would say, honed our speaches, helped one another to make it interesting, cut all non-essentials, included relevant verses from Scripture, and - most importantly - learnt to keep it short. And it worked! It still does. After all, who can argue with an experience?

Most times I felt passionate about evangelising, but then there were also times when I got so fed up with 'all those people who just won't listen!" that I even stopped trying. And yes, I'm ashamed to admit it. But each time the Lord would remind me that I, too, came to know Him only because someone else cared and was brave enough to show me the way. That would get me going again. Even now, after 25 years in the Lord, I still use every open door I can find - and I'm not averse to pushing a little to see if I can pry it open, aka to see if there is any spark of interest I can fan.

Do you have unsaved friends or family? Why not email them my article 'Salvation - Have you received this gift?', or even '2. How I became a Christian.' You never know, the gospel is sometimes accepted more easily from strangers than from people who are close. By the way, the post 'Have you received this gift?' is based on a tract I wrote. Its presentation is rather interesting, with lots of pictures, and it is proving to be quite popular. It has reached some weird and wonderful places, even a rehab clinic - I never suspected it to be so successful. If you would like to have a sample posted, contact me via email. It's free.

Well, it's just a thought. I was wondering if YOU had beautiful feet...

"How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!" Rom.10:15


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